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Behind every successful website is the owner. When you know the basics of WordPress and the Divi Theme, your website will work the way you want it to. I’ll show you how in real time.

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Technology moves fast, but not as fast as you, when we work together on your website. Choose a web design prompt. You’ll be hands on. Before you know it your site is built.

What you need

Purchase the Divi Theme.  Divi is the most popular theme in the world. Whatever you can think of for your website, you can do it with the Divi Theme.

but a designed website is expensive?

Not when you work directly with me on your project.

We bring your website to life.

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We built your website.

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Build a website with a blog. Bring your idea to life.

Plan & Design

100+ web design prompts

The Divi Theme

Produced by Elegant Themes in 2013, is now the most popular theme in the world. Designers, Developers, and Users can create a website without needing to know code.

Use the Visual Builder and see your edits in real time. Use the Theme Builder to create a unique website that doesn’t look like every other website.

With Divi you have the advantage to build a website the way you want it built.

divi theme



Divi 20 + Design Prompts

You’ll be inspired by the premade layouts. You can change sections, columns and modules, all by selecting the options. No code needed.

Divi Library

When you’re done putting content onto a page or a blog post you can save it to the Divi Library. This is a huge time saver. You don’t have to rebuild each page or blog post.

Divi 46 Modules

Each module has a specific function with built in settings. Divi overlays WordPress, the world’s most used content management system for websites.

Divi Tech Support

In the nine years of using Divi, the Elegant Themes tech support has been exceptional. No matter what my issue, the Elegant Theme tech support solved the problem.

Divi Visual Builder

The new Divi Visual Builder Experience allows you to edit content directly onto the page in real time. Add a style, an image, and content, save and view.

Divi Is For The User

It’s easy to think a sophisticated theme is too complex to use. But it isn’t. Once you know how Divi works you’ll be amazed at the website you built.


“Joan was great to work with. She took a novice like me and helped build a website that wasn’t just informative, but also eye-catching and creative. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Linnet Burden, Writer


“I built my website exactly the way I wanted it, and learned to use the Divi Theme.”

Kim Andrea, Artist