Classic Website

This is a demo site using the Divi Theme. It was built with you in mind because you’re looking for the perfect website.
Your Website
Your website is the vehicle through which you convey the message through images and text. The combination of the two, results in the showcase for what you do on the Web. You can build a website without knowing code. The module, or block system is designed for the non-tech person. You can focus attention on the content you want on the webpage.
The Plan and Foundation
A website operates within a framework in a specific structure. Just as an artist operates within the framework of their art. The ballet dancer performs within the framework of ballet. The composer composes within the framework of music. The artist paints within the framework of form. The classic website uses the framework as a foundation upon which to plan the website.

Anything is possible

If someone shows you how

Classic Framework

Structured for the non tech user in predefined layouts.

Module Design

Predefined layout with drag and drop features.

Your Vision

A way to build a website with all the tools built in.
Adjust settings inside the module
Centered text

Odd Looking Pages

You will see some odd looking pages in this website. It’s a Demo Site to experiment with the different layouts and effects possible with the Divi Theme. As an artist, and because I love designing, I appreciate the smooth elements of a module design, predefined layouts and built in settings to achieve a specific desired effect. The Divi Theme has a way of bringing out the best in whoever uses the theme. The Divi Theme was built for developers, designers, and users. I’m a user, and started out with a WordPress theme.

Visit RealTime Paradigm my first website that expanded into the Divi Theme. Or connect with me on this site on the About page.

The Divi Column Width layout structure using the built in Divi Builder. These are the preset column widths available to use on the webpage. They are based on the grid system.
The Standard Section loads after you have selected the column width. This is a standard section with a fullwidth row.
The specialty section has the ability to use three different column widths in the same section.  

Too Much Design

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The Divi Theme lets you experiment with settings. Change the font, set a colored background, use an image, create a shadow effect. The rule of good design: less is more. The rest is common sense.

One Click Update

It’s possible within the Divi Theme classic framework. Your website takes the form you want, and puts you in control. The Divi Theme has exceptional design capabilities.

Biased View

Yes, definitely. I’ve been using the Divi Theme since it was produced by Elegant Themes in 2013. As a classical traditionalist, I see the advantage of working in an existing framework for the desired effect.