About Divi


The most versatile theme built for everyone to use. Beginners too! This is my affiliate link, I’ve been a member since 2012. Their service is legendary.


There’s no mystery in design, your design partner is the Divi Theme. With this theme you build the website the way you want it built.

User's love it

Developers and designers use code, Divi users don’t need to know code just use the excellence of Divi.

Need Help

Websites aren’t easy to build as the advertising says it is. The technology used to build a website is incredibly easy to use, but only when you know how to use it.

Your Design

Start with a design prompt and then make it your own creation. There’s no “right” way. It’s your way. Your brand and style. Unique to your business or service.

Classic Framework

Structured for the non tech user with design prompts.

Module Design

Predefined design prompts with drag and drop features.

Your Vision

A way to build a website with all the tools built in.

Adjust the settings inside the module

you design

Centered text

Versatile and Ready

As an artist, and because I love designing, I appreciate the elements of module design, predefined layouts, and built in settings to achieve a specific effect. The Divi Theme has a way of bringing out the best in whoever uses the theme.

The Divi Theme was built for developers, designers, and users. I’m a user, and started out with a WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes, before the Divi Theme. Now I use only the Divi Theme, it’s that versatile and there is no need for another theme.

RealTime Paradigm is my first website that expanded into the Divi Theme. After using Divi for that site all other sites were built in Divi.

Links on this site to purchase the Divi Theme or SiteGround Hosting are my affiliate links. I have used their services over the years and am comfortable recommending them to you.

Technology is always changing, but for the better. Elegant Themes the makers of the Divi Theme just came out with Divi 4.0 and this includes the Divi Theme Builder. You now have the option to build your own theme.

Over 2 million websites are built with the Divi Theme. It is one of the most used themes in the World. Building a website is an intricate project with many components. But it’s not so complex when you know how the website works. Learning how a website works means taking some time to understand the basic functions of the website framework.

Can you build your own theme? Yes. Even better news you don’t need to know how to code to build a theme. Divi makes it possible for you to be independent. This means you don’t need to use a Child Theme. The Divi Theme Builder is going to change the way people build websites. The Divi Theme has already revolutionized the way a website is built. You don’t need to have to know how to code to build a website!

The Divi Theme is constantly being improved and updated. This makes working in your website easier. After pressing the update button you will have full use of the new features.

The WordPress core software, which the Divi Theme uses, recently had a major overhaul and now has a Block Editor which is very different from the Classic Editor used since WordPress was developed in 2003.

The new Divi Builder Experience offers you the option to build the page on what is known as the back end.

Or you can build the content directly onto the page. 

Everyone has a different style of working. Building on the Front End shows you your edits as you make them. It is helpful to see your content instead of adding the content and then having to preview the page in another tab.

The specialty section has the ability to use three different column widths in the same section. With Divi you’re never at a loss for how to put the content onto the page, project, or post.

Too Much Design

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The Divi Theme lets you experiment with settings. Change the font, set a colored background, use an image, create a shadow effect. The rule of good design: less is more. The rest is common sense.

One Click Update

It’s possible within the Divi Theme classic framework. Your website takes the form you want, and puts you in control. The Divi Theme has exceptional capabilities you can design your own theme without having to know code.

Biased View

Yes, definitely. I’ve been using the Divi Theme since it was produced by Elegant Themes in 2013. As a classical traditionalist, I see the advantage of working in an existing framework for the desired effect.