Joan Margau

Website Building with Divi

A professional ballet dancer (some years ago) who found the World Wide Web, technology, design and the Divi Theme. 

Life and Technology

The perfect compliment when using the Divi Theme. I explain how websites work for the non-tech user, and we build your website with Divi. You do not have to know how to code to build a website.

About Technology

Technology, websites, apps, smartphones, social media, and everything digital is integrated with life. A virtual life on an integrated platform of connectivity.

I started being interested in websites in 2006 using a WordPress Theme. The experience of learning how to use the site was a challenge, but I was fascinated by the process. The WordPress Theme kept updating and I updated with it.

Writing and Design in real time developed into RealTime Paradigm. In real time everything was shifting, and I became involved in writing and design using the Divi Theme. This lead to starting a service to help the non-tech user have a website with a blog, without having to know code and at an affordable price.

Guest Blogger with Monterey Premier 


What I do

Listen to your idea of what you want for your website. Show you the options available with the Divi Theme. Included is live human support to show you how Divi works so you can work in your website. Your website is about what you want not what I think is best for your website.

What is possible

A pre-designed layout pack with a topic that fits your idea. I show you how to work in the modules so you can change out the images and add content. This is a cost effective way to start out with a growth platform for a business or a personal blog.

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Our lives are faster paced and there’s no slowing down until it happens to you… the words you never wanted to hear in the diagnosis.

In that moment you clutch yourself and hold onto life, your life. What does it mean? How did it come to this?

When It Happens To You is the story of my journey to recovery.

The story is on this website using the Divi Theme. The inspiration came when I started to write When It Happens To You, a series of blog posts as I go on this journey.

When It Happens To You

The fragments of pieces are still being picked up as I start at the beginning. A novice about nutrition, overwhelmed by the news, but not a stranger to changes…