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Website Consulting & Design

A professional ballet dancer (some time ago) who found the World Wide Web, fell in love with technology and started building WordPress websites. Being an artist with a natural eye for design, Joan uses her creative spirit and shows you how to bring your website to life. She has refined her lifelong passion for writing and completed AWAI Accelerated Copywriting, Social Media Marketing and Web Copywriting 2.0, to write for the Web.

Say it in words, design the future today.

Joan Margau

Website Consulting & Design - in real time

Joan is the Founder of Website Consulting & Design in real time, and RealTime Paradigm. In 2013 Joan developed a training method using the Divi Theme to help businesses and individuals build a presence online.


The written content in a website is the main reason why a website is visited. Everyone has an insatiable desire to know and wants information.


The design and layout of a website should compliment the content. The balance is achieved with the built in features available in the Divi Theme.

in real time

Add content directly onto the webpage and view your edits as you write. Just one of the many features of the Divi Theme.

Are You on the Web?

The online way of life is here to stay. It is a cost effective way to communicate with your customer base. It used to be that we sent notices by mail which required advertising and printing costs. Today with access to the World Wide Web we can communicate through a website.  But the Web has become a complex integration system, and now there’s more details to implement to have a functional website.

This means you need to know the basics of how a website operates. It’s not a mystery. It’s just that there isn’t sufficient documentation to supplement your knowledge about what goes into creating and maintaining a website.

When you have the right information about websites, the inside view, not the sales copy view, then you can move forward. If you build your website right the first time, you can participate in the Web Marketplace.

What I Do

Listen to what you want for your website. Show you the options available with the Divi Theme.

We build your website together and you are hands on and learn how to use the Divi Theme.

We Do It Together

There is a way to build a five page website with a blog and stay within your budget. This is how I built my first website.

Today, my website maintenance cost is $0. I’ll show you how it’s done.

Is the site working for you?

If not, you might need to revise your website. Technology changes and updates all the time.

Do you find you can’t keep up with these changes? It might be you’re not using the right Theme.

Still not sure about your website?

Let’s talk now