An App For That
Joan Margau
User of Divi.

We used to joke about this. Whatever you can think about to do on the web, there’s an app for that too. An app is an abbreviation of the world “application.” Apply and use the software to accomplish a task, or a goal. Websites are nothing new, but they do require attention and there’s an app for that as well. 

The app is the software that makes the site operate the way it should. It’s an adventure in discovering how  it works.

This is a blog post. It isn’t the usual two column width. It’s unusual. The app for that is the Divi Theme.


THE LAYOUT of content on a web page has to follow a logic and a design. Text and images don’t need too much decoration. Over design distracts the reader from absorbing the content. The purpose of the content is to provide information.

IMAGES — are an essential part of the content on a web page. They often “speak” more than words. It is important to optimize images when using them in a website. Compress and size the image first. A large image slows the load time of the web page. 

The size of the column width layouts are preset. All you have to do is figure out which layout you want to use.

“The view changes with a picture.”

Someone said so

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This is a contact form module with a text module above it asking the visitor to sign up for the Newsletter.

This post doesn’t have the usual right sidebar, the familiar blog post layout. The decision to do it this way depends on the content of the blog post. Place the content on the blog page in a different layout. This can accentuate other relevant information to read.

 If you don’t give your visitor more information, they might think there is no more, and leave your site. smile


Put a link here to another blog post of a similar subject.


Images in this row are the same size.


Test out the modules and see what they do.

The Comment Section.

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Is this a blog post?

This blog post is different. It’s just to show what’s possible with a blog post using the Divi Builder. 

You decide how you want the blog post to look.