Creating Content into the Blog Post

Once in a while in our life experience we are given the opportunity to interact with other people who give back to the community their know-how. This layout used for this blog post is with a Plugin developed specifically for the Divi Theme. This makes producing content that much smoother. No one wants to admit it, but the reality is, creating content is a lot more difficult than it’s made out. Many people just write in a Word Processor software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and copy and paste the content into the blog post.

This isn’t as effective as creating content directly into the Post.

The process of creating content in a website or in a blog post has to have a new attitude. There is no quick and easy way to do the work. We have the tools and we need to be grateful for the creation of WordPress and the many Themes available. The smooth interface of how a website works with a given theme often makes us demand more without appreciating what is there in the first place.

Slow Down Catch Up and Learn

Three different things going on in one healdine. If you slow down to catch up you will stop and pay attention and this is when you get it. What you’re looking at is the finished product that took months even years to complete. You’re being lied to when advertising yells you can “quickly and easily” do something.

Fast, quick tip learning doesn’t teach you anything.

Slow Down

This isn’t something we want to do. Everyone is multitasking, doing so many things, email, scheduling twitter feeds (that don’t get read by the way), trying to look as though they have a handle on it all. No one does. When you slow down this is when you realize you don’t know and what you thought was easy isn’t.

Catch UP

Technology is only going to race ahead and you have to accept that today something will be predicted as ending, and tomorrow what was supposed to end is still there. All this is attention getting tactics to get your attention. When you catch up, you get the picture as it really is. You stop believing in the sales hype. You trust your own knowledge and you take time to research and find out the facts for yourself.


This is tricky as well. Choose who you learn from. Not everyone is the expert they claim to be. The strange thing about the Interent is anyone can say anything about any subject and you have no way of knowing if it is true. All this online activity and interaction has made us smarter not dummer. Anyone who thinks the consumer doesn’t have a clue is living in a bubble.

No one is not intelligent. We access sophisticated technology all the time. The problem comes when tech giants use your information without your consent. The ability to “mine information” about someone and then use it, is a serious problem.  How is going to be solved? When you learn the shortest word in the English language, “No.”

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