This is a sample post for layout and design. It will show you what the blog post looks like when it is pulled into the blog module.The experience of working with the Divi Theme is full of surprises.

When writing blog post you want to make sure the reader is not interrupted by popup messages or other distractions. Have you noticed how we now do three things at the same time? We’re watching a movie, answering a text, going through our email, all at the same time. This is an increase of information all at once. While we might think we are absorbing the information we’re not. 

Distraction Free

We don’t have ADD (attention disorder deficit), we are on information overload. Eventually, you will start to value your time and come to terms with what is relevant and you’ll pay attention to one thing. The other condition FOMO (fear of missing out) on something will dissipate because you’re on track to absorb the information relevant to what you’re doing.

When the reading experience on a website is distraction free, this is the time that the connection can happen. If the reader likes what they experience they should be the one to decide if they want to sign up for a newsletter, or make a comment. If you try to push the reader into decisions they will resist the push.

Too much animation on a page is also a distraction. It doesn’t translate into the person doing anything because the button flashes or moves. It serves to distract their attention and causes irritation. 

How do you get someone’s attention?

On the merit of what you offer. The information in the article must inform and supplement already existing knowledge of the person. Don’t assume people don’t know. In our tech driven world, everyone has a lot more savvy than they’re given credit for.