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Break Out of the Blog Box

Page Builders changed blogging. Writing content into a blog post takes on new meaning. Long posts with complex images don't get read. The story unfolds in bite sized content. Visible. Accessible. Interesting.July 20, 2019 One of the best softwares to use for a...

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A Better Way to Blog

After the much anticipated update of the WordPress core editor, Gutenberg, you still need to write a blog post, or two. At the same time of the update, the Divi Theme came out with a better way to blog using the Divi Visual Builder. The Divi Theme provided the...

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blog post

Build a Website with Divi

Yes, you can do it yourself The way the WordPress website software industry is going today, puts you in the best position to "get it." A website is something you need. It's not a matter of how, but more of when is the website going to be ready for use. There is no...

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GDPR and Your Website

The European Union General Data Protection Act is in effect May 25, 2018. The Information provided is a courtesy and is not legal advice.The user now has complete control over their data and has a say in how it may be used.As a website owner you must explain to the...

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Divi and WordPress

The match between Divi and WordPress is a good from start to finish. No matter what you read about the "end of WordPress," or the "end of Page Builders and Themes," it isn't for real. Here are some facts: WordPress is the most used website software worldwide 30% of...

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The Blog is the humble web log that started some time ago and now we write posts and call it a Blog. The last ten years or so have given us a lot of telling. Long articles proving what we need to do. Endless lists of things to do right away to have instant success....

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A Blog Post or an Advertisement

This is a sample post for layout and design It will show you what the blog post looks like when it is pulled into the blog module. This blog post is set to fullwidth, so there is no sidebar on the right side of the page. The purpose of a blog post is to inform and...

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Blog Post Plugin

A different blog post style The layout used for this blog post is with a Plugin developed specifically for the Divi Theme. This makes producing content that much smoother. No one wants to admit it, but the reality is, creating content for a blog post is a lot more...

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blog post plugin

Sample Post

WordPress Classic Editor This is the post editor looks similar to a Word Processor. The Classic Editor will be replaced by the Gutenberg Editor. At first it might be irritating to search for something that was obvious before, but is now hidden. There's a large...

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WordPress classic editor