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Start with a 5 page website with a blog

The Divi Theme uses the drag and drop modules system with all the settings built into the modules. The wide variety of modules gives you options for putting content onto the page into the world’s best content management system, WordPress.

How can you build a five page website with a blog and it can be affordable?

Most website designers charge a hefty fee for their work.

Just exactly what goes into building a website? Building it implies you have a lot of work to do.

You don’t, if you use the Divi Theme.


How does it work?

The Theme overlays the WordPress core base. The software works in the background all you’re doing is working on the front end of the site. 

Investing Time

The small amount of time you invest in learning how to use the Divi Theme will give you the biggest surprise you ever had. You will build your website your way.

Secure Software

Even with the coming change to the WordPress editor, you’ll have a secure and seamless integration with WordPress and The Divi Theme. 

Making an Impact With Your Project

The web is the ideal avenue for communication about your services. Technology improves and changes all the time. How do you keep pace? You need a good hosting company, an updated theme, real time tech support, without upgrades or extra costs. It’s possible when you know how…

WordPress Isn’t Easy

If WordPress is free and easy to use why is it so expensive to maintain? Because you jumped into the freebie cheap idea and may not know how to maintain the website without having to hire expensive tech support. You want to maintain the website yourself with no extra charges for tech support. Yes, it is possible to do this. I do it every day, maintain my website and press the update button when needed. 

A Different Process

With the right information about hosting and themes you won’t be increasing expenses, you’ll be following the designer’s lead, using one of the premade layouts that comes with the Divi Theme.

The premade layout gives you ideas of how to layout the content onto the page. The Divi Theme now uses the Divi Builder on the front end of the page so you see your edits as you make changes to the content.

A Better Choice

With Divi, the possibilities are endless. You never stare at a blank page and wonder how to put content onto the page. You don’t have to pay to change something, and there are no restrictions placed on you in the website you own.

Example Websites Built With Divi

These websites were built by the owner with my help specific to their unique needs.

Artists Portfolio

Political Activist Committee

A Leader In The Website Industry

The Divi Theme gives you:

  • The website you always wanted
  • A smooth interface and clear instructions
  • Works seamlessly with WordPress
  • Secure and updated regularly

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Joan Margau

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