What Have I Done To My Body

What Have I Done To My Body

We live in a toxic world…

A bilateral mastectomy, drastic! But I knew the surgeon was right, the tumor had to be removed. Trying to remove it naturally was an option. I paused for a moment considering this option, but in an instant my instinct was no. There was no time to waste, swift action was necessary. It was only a matter of time for the cancer to spread to the other side. It was no use treating the one side and not the other.  But why? The words kept resounding through me; what have I done to my body? There was more to the appearance of cancer. I had to find out more. What caused it, not just a toxic environment. I thought cancer was hereditary and because my parents didn’t have it, I wouldn’t.

I had a lot to think about. Everything became enlarged as though I stepped into a magnifying glass. My life was staring at me in my face. I felt as if I was going to faint. My thoughts whirled around and then I heard the surgeon ask me if I wanted to have breast reconstruction. The reconstruction happens at the same time as the bilateral mastectomy. I stared at the surgeon, reconstruction… of course I couldn’t think straight and she sensed my confusion. I could also not have reconstruction and there would be nothing, I would simply be flat chested. All my life I had been what we used to joke about as “well endowed.” As you get older the breasts increase in size… but now they would be gone.

I decided that would work, they could be gone and that was that. The surgeon didn’t like my response and told me I would be reminded of the condition each time I looked in the mirror. With the reconstruction I would have implants which would resemble their former beauty. I had to think about this, but even though I wanted to override her with the I don’t care no one is interested in me anyway, I knew she was giving me good advice. I took a deep breath while she was looking at her calendar for a surgery date.

No Push For Surgery

At no time was there an indication I had to have surgery within two days. I had ample time to think about what I wanted to do. It wasn’t good to wait six months. They could shrink the tumor before the surgery, but that was an option I instinctively knew wasn’t right for me. All I knew was the tumor existed and it had to be removed.

Reconstruction was another adjunct. I had two weeks to think about it as the surgeon marked the date on her calendar. During that two weeks I would need to have a full body scan to see if the cancer had spread. I was now in the hands of the surgeon. Again my instinct ‘told’ me that she would be the instrument that would take out the existing problem.

My job would be to make sure the cancer didn’t return.


How do I deal with this?

The first thing was find to information about cancer, what it is. But where would I find the correct information? The Internet is resourceful, but there is plenty of misinformation. I did what I always do, I asked for help. Everytime I have made an appeal for help I find the exact information I need.

One in three people have cancer!

Why were there so many people with the disease?

I had to find out, and with the vast source of information available at my fingertips, I went onto the Internet and searched.

My search led me to discover there was life after a diagnosis of cancer. People completely recovered from cancer and people died from it.

Die from Cancer or Recover from Cancer

I had a choice. This choice depends on what kind of treatment you have. Conventional or unconventional. What was the difference? I set out to find the truth of the subject, not the advertisements of a cure-all miracle supplement to pop down your throat and carry on your life as usual.

I wanted to know why some died, and some lived, and the cancer never returned.

What I observed was the radiant, healthy people who had the tumor removed and did not have chemotherapy or radiation, and they recovered completely. How did they do it? It is a simple answer, they changed what they were eating to a whole food plant based way of eating.


Finding Information

In the text you will find links to credible sources of information. They are not affiliate links as I don’t affiliate with someone to recommend a product and receive a fee. I provide a link to share credible information and knowledge that helped me with my decisions, just as others did the same for me when I was searching. This is how I became educated about cancer, what it is, and what it is not.

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

This book gives the real picture about cancer from a recognized professional perspective, a biochemist. I am not a medical professional and don’t understand medical terminology. Dr. T. Colin Campbell explains just exactly what cancer is, and, what it isn’t. How it’s caused and why it exists in a toxic world.

I would always advise anyone to consult with doctors about their condition. In no way would I advocate not seeing a doctor. The issue with cancer is; it is curable, if you know what to do about it.

WHOLE by T. Colin Campbell. Ph.D., Co-author of The China Study, with Howard Johnson, Ph.D.

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition.

Green Smoothie Girl

Robyn Openshaw is the Green Smoothie Girl. This was the first website I found when I started finding out about nutrition and juicing. 

I am not an affiliate but I recommend the information because Robyn lost 70 lbs. and dealt with 21 diseases, as well as saving her little boy’s life. All through a change of diet and the right information.

No one needs to be a victim of the standard American diet or the Big Pharma medical monopoly. This is why so many people living in the US are sick because of what they eat!

Robyn’s website is full of resources, classes, and products. 

Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally

Chris had colon cancer, had the tumor surgically removed, and then changed his lifestyle and eating. He chose not to have chemotherapy or radiation treatment. His book takes you through his journey and the complete recovery he made over a period of time.

The information on his website will help you figure it out after the diagnosis… comes action.

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Read more about the journey.

It’s Not All Your Fault

It’s Not All Your Fault

Did the cancer spread? Find out…

The next step was to see if the cancer had spread the lymph nodes above the tumor were cancerous. I was still reeling and felt out of control. I couldn’t even find the energy to be optimistic, instead I slumped into the chair and looked out the window. The sun was shining… and this was my life, diseased.

I had faced difficulties before, life isn’t smooth and easy, but this shakeup was different. I tried not let the panic flood through me, but it was no use. I was already panicked. I knew though, even in the flood of panic mode, that this situation wasn’t as bad as I was imagining it to be. Yes, it was serious and I heard the serious tone in from the surgeon. The tumor had to come out, and they had to know if the cancer had spread anywhere else.

The surgeon had deep blue eyes and her gaze penetrated through me, I knew she had experienced this many times. She could read me like a book, I felt vulnerable and helpless, but then something inside me welled up, as it always had throughout my life, my instinct. It burst through me now and I knew that the surgeon had a practiced eye and she would closely examine the scans.

There was no time to lose. The next week I went for the scans. I’m not well up on all the medical terminology and cannot explain the procedures. All I know is that they injected me with a substance and then I went to lie down on a very hard surface and a machine scanned my whole body. You don’t get the results immediately, it takes a while and the surgeon would call me when she had looked at the scans. There was nothing I could do, I had to wait.

While I was waiting for the results, I went onto the Internet and started searching for information. Of course I found it on YouTube. So many people had been where I was. I watched the videos, especially the ones with people who had been diagnosed, as I had, with breast cancer. 

What was especially interesting was the notion that you were doing something wrong if you didn’t choose to have conventional treatment as in chemotherapy and radiation. There was a stigma attached to this. Yet the people who had chemotherapy eventually died. The person who decided not to have chemo changed their lifestyle completely.

Cancer isn’t hereditary. It’s caused by malnutrition, and the deeper cause the emotional disposition. How’s your life going? 

The cancer survivors didn’t have “spontaneous remission,” they had permanent remission. Their cancer never returned because they took charge of their health.


As you know this is where you’ll find personal testimonies and answers.

The two channels I found helpful were chrisbeatcancer by Chris Wark and Greensmoothiegirl by Robyn Openshaw. The more I watched the more I learned. 

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