Do it yourself the right way.

Find the resource, the human being that knows, and will show you how the software works. Let’s face it, no one reads instructions, or watches tutorials, unless they want to. You can have the perfect steps outlined but unless you’re willing to take the time to follow the instructions, or listen to someone show you how in a demonstration, you’re not going to know.

A website is something you need. It’s not a matter of how, but more of when is the website going to be ready for use. There is no denying the learning curve with WordPress no matter what Theme is used. The same is true for any website application. What you have to do is be prepared to pay someone to build a site for you, as well as to know how to operate the site once it’s built.

The only way to try out something is to use it.

The image used for this blog post was created by me using the Affinity Designer for Windows software. Images need to be specific sizes as well as compressed before uploading them to the website. A large image file will take a longer time for the page to load.

If you take a picture with your smartphone and then upload this picture as is to your website, the image is too large for the website. A website has a maximum allowance for videos as well as images. 

Trial and error brings results

You’ll know what works and what doesn’t work.

Everything you do with WordPress has a learning curve. WordPress is intuitive, it is user friendly. The whole online experience is accessible as technology gives us what we want. We want the thing to work. We also don’t want it to be complex. When something works with simplicity we don’t always apprciate the excellence and teamwork behind the software. We take it for granted. Until it begins to break down, then we start to complain.

Going live on the web will keep you learning and working to improve your communication. It is the ideal avenue through which to promote your message, or business.

When using the Divi Builder to write the content into the blog post, you will need to check the Allow Comments feature so someone can leave a comment.

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