The Landing Page

Styling and layout can take many forms with this page. It is effective when you have a special offer, or an event. 

This is your opportunity to give the potential buyer extra information. In addition, you gain authority and credibility.

The navigation tabs should be visible. Some like to hide them but this can cause the visitor to wonder if they landed on the right website.

The person knows they are on your site. 

You must take into consideration the potential buyer needs reassurance you’re legitimate. It might sound strange, of course you know you’re legit, but today we have so many fake online ventures, the consumer is wary. All you have to do is come accross as credible, and available, without manipulative tactics.

Text Module

Text goes here about the event.

Take advantage of the space on the page. Be generous with the information.

You can also put a video instead of an image.

This section is about you

The visitor is on the landing page and has not been to the About page. Ideally, they came from the ad.

You are introducing yourself to the person.

Keep the tone similar to the About page but not identical, and use the same picture.

Promote your qualities as a real estate agent, your experience, expertise, anything you would say to someone if you met them for the first time and told them about yourself.

You want to inspire the visitor to contact you because you’re the right kind of agent they are looking for.

This is known as a call to action.

The action you want the visitor to take is to contact you.

Your Name

Your Name


You can put your credentials here, or the community you work with. Any information that prompts the visitor to contact you.

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