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Online In Person

I Show You How Websites Work explained explained

Self-Hosting explained

Managed hosting explained

Choosing A Domain Name

Purchase the correct theme license

step by step instruction

The Website Roadmap to Success

Online Instruction Session 1

What We Will Do

Selecting a Domain Name
WordPress Hosting Requirements
The Roadmap to Build a Website

Website Hosting

The truth about website hosting. What you need and what you don’t need

Website Roadmap

The foundational knowledge for a functional website. 

Online Insruction Session 2

What We Will Do

The WordPress Dashboard
The WordPress Editor
Setting up Pages and Posts


The most used software for professional websites worldwide. Fast, secure, and versatile.

The Divi Theme

Download and upload the Divi Theme. Enable the Divi Theme settings.


Showing you how

Technology is easy. So it is said. Just follow these simple steps. It’s not simple. This is why you need someone to show you how it works.

When I first started creating an affordable website there was someone to show me how. 


It's on your to do list

I know how it feels. I have been where you are.

I will show you how to use WordPress and the Divi Theme. The Theme the designers themselves use.

Yes, it’s that good. And, it isn’t complicated.

Online Sessions 1 and 2 | $100

Contact Joan for one-on-one help

In-Person Instruction

Sessions 1 and 2 | $100

Exclusive Instruction

Specific to Your Need

Get help  now. In real time. Solve the problem. It’s possible to when you know how.

Heads Up: there is a real learning curve with the ‘easy to use’ cookie cutter websites. License fees. Plugin incompatibility. Insufficient hosting memory. Outdated Themes. Security risk.

Real live help. Answer questions and show you how to avoid website problems. And, have the website you always wanted. And, manage it.


It's time to take action

I will personally show you how to use the world’s most used WordPress Premium Theme. It’s the Theme Designers and Developers use – but they don’t want you to know that.

We get your website built. Design, layout, style, all of it.

Yes, it’s possible. We can get it done.

Contact Me, let’s get started!

Exclusive Instruction

Specific to your needs

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