Image Background for Section

This picture is placed in the background section of the module. The text you see here is within a text module in this particular section. Sometimes you just have to fiddle around with the picture.  On the right is the same image in an image module.  

Text Module With Background

The features built into the Divi Framework or the Divi Theme gives the user the ability to modify the text on the page directly into the module. 


Initially, there is a learning curve with the Divi Theme. It is a matter of someone showing you how. A welcome departure from all the things to do in a never ending list.

Right Aligned Text

The layout of text with an image needs simplicity rather than decorated. The viewer should not be obstructed while reading the content. Moving objects are distracting and cause eye fatige.

Popup notices are equally distracting and eventually the visitor leaves the website because there is too much going on. How can you expect someone to know what you do five seconds into being on a website and then signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. 

Hard work beats talent

This is where the text goes into the modle.

Styles are what they are and you just have to work them.

This is more text here .  Style the text your way.