Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence! AI is a rapidly growing field of technology, with more and more applications being found in our everyday lives.

AI uses advanced algorithms and automated processes to study and interpret data, enabling machines, devices and software to perform complex tasks that have traditionally been carried out by humans.

Artificial Intelligence will never replace human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Core

AI is about solving problems and making decisions. It eases the burden of data collection and analysis, especially in highly complex tasks. AI-powered software and machines can now recognize patterns, understand natural language, learn as they go and evolve over time, making them useful in a wide range of applications. From self-driving cars, to virtual assistants, to automated customer support systems. An AI-powered solution cannot match the skill of a human.

AI is programmed by an algorithm created by human beings.  AI cannot think, it can only pull from a programmed database, and information already existing on the web.

Save Time Writing?

Writing copy as a copywriter has a technique. Writing content begins with research about the topic. Then comes the compilation and arrangement of the content. This takes time it’s a fact. But if you want to reach an audience you will need to take the time to write personally.

The artificially generated writing style is without substance. The whole ‘voice’ behind the text is missing. When this kind of content is generated it is dismissed by the intelligent human reading it. The problem is simple; human beings are lazy and want something else to do the work for them.

What is the time saver?

The Chat GPT artificial intelligent content generator is a bot that can generate the content in a shorter time than a human would to take the time to do the research for that content. Providing you ask the right questions, Chat GPT will produce a desired result.  The content then needs to be edited and placed into the writing. This is where the artificial content needs to be integrated into the content. The content in this article is written by a human. The content is based on the initial content delivered by the aritfical intelligence which could be described as preliminary research.

By now everyone has heard of Chat GPT. The problem with Chat GPT; the content generated is generic.

Generic content does not emulate content written by a human being. The content will need to be rewritten and edited. The main use of Chat GPT is the generation of initial research and this is the time saver.

Online Help Desk AI

You can go onto a website and ask the Chat Bot questions. The answers will be links and articles that may not answer the question. The Chat Bot cannot think. It can only pull from a programmed database of frequently asked questions. After giving generic answers to the question, the bot may have an algorithm that gives an option to chat with a live person to get the question answered.

If there is a human being that is online to answer questions then you do save time to get the information you need specific to the question you asked.

The Benefits of AI

AI can help automate tasks that are repetitive. It can analyze large amounts of data and provide predictions that will assist people to make decisions. For example, in healthcare,  finance, and transportation. AI does contribute to the accuracy and it can help personalize experience for users with ecommerce, advertising, and entertainment. It’s main function is analyzing data. AI also assists services and technology to be more accessible to people with disabilities.

But it still requires a human being to process the information. One of the other main issues with AI is the manner in which it is produced. It has to be ethical.

Ethics in the Context of AI

The development of AI must include transparency. The AI should be transparent and explainable and avoid bias and discrimination. AI should be developed in compliance with privacy laws and regulation. An organization that developes an AI system should be accountable for its effect on people and prepared to address any consequences that might arise.

AI systems should be designed not to replace humans. We should be able to override and intervene in any AI system if neessary.

Some of the content in this article was generated using  Chat GPT the free version. The process of writing this blog post took less time than it does without the AI assistance.

In Conclusion

Chat GPT and Bard generate the content based on my question. It is an excellent way to curate information but be prepared to repurpose and edit the content for it to be relevant to the reader.

With the help of Chat GPT this article was written in a shorter amount of time that it would ordinarily take.

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