Thanks To The Internet

The times we are facing will change everything in our lives, no matter where you live. Life as you once knew it will have to be revised. There’s no getting around it. We are now dependent on the Internet to stay connected. It was something we didn’t anticipate. But here it is.

Schools may not open. People will work from home instead of in an office. Conventions and events will stream online. Universities and Schools will have to use online tuition. I have been working from home for the last ten years, by choice. When I started an online Web Consulting and Design business I found many people were not willing to pay attention to any of the things that would indeed connect them in business. Those that did pay attention to the vast resources the Internet could bring their online businesses benefitted.

The most successful business is one that can survive through the problems. The problem of a global quarantine is disastrous, and definitely shouldn’t be around. This business that will survive is Amazon. No matter how much criticism is leveled at this company, let’s look at the real picture. It’s the number one sought after service because the idea behind it serves the need.

Building an Online Infrastructure

It starts with a simple idea and a website. The website is the publishing platform, the communication tool to connect with people. But because of the way we live we are now paying for it in the most unexpected way, disease. Viruses and disease is not new on our planet. What is new is blatant ignorance about the subject.

It’s essential to know the difference between fake news and real news. The problem is we’re saturated with information and we don’t pay attention to what we are doing. Sign up, register, login, subscribe are now reflex actions.

Manipulated information is part of the problem. It spreads panic and fear. What is even more alarming is those who claim to be intelligent, pretend there is no virus and they are too young to get the virus.

Well, the virus doesn’t know your age. Children, teens, adults, young and old will get the virus, unless they take the proper precautions and social distance themselves from contact. It’s just that simple. If you don’t make yourself available to contacting the virus you won’t get it. Going through childhood I contracted a variety of viruses. We were quarantined and that was that. The virus eventually stops mutating because there are no more hosts to feed from.

This is common sense. When you were sick you stayed at home. You didn’t go to work and you didn’t loose your job because you were sick. An employee was a valued person, not a commodity to be replaced by another hourly employee because the business owner didn’t want any loss in revenue.

Misinformation and Scammers

One of the most problematic situations to cope with when you use the Internet. We are all using the Internet now more so than ever. You will also find the scammers. Websites are springing up with all sorts of offerings. Courses, information, asking for donations to help people, setting up funds. And if you’re not careful your funds could go to someone who pretends to be an organization that is legitimately going to help those in need .

Number 1 Rule

Never donate to a cause because it’s convenient or because it looks like it’s a worthy cause. Do the research to make sure the organization is legitimate. The dark side of human nature is ever present in the most unlikely places. People will take advantage of you no matter how intelligent we might think we are.

Number 2 Rule

Anyone can say anything about anything on the web. There is no filter. I can tell you the most outrageous lie if I want to. How do you know I am giving you the correct information.

The lazy way is to just accept what people say without any kind of filter. For example; did you know that WordPress is going to be discontinued tomorrow. That is ridiculous since 60.5% of websites are powered by WordPress. The red flag should go up instantly after reading the statememnt. It’s usually made by someone to discredit WordPress so they can persuade you another software is better.

The buck stops with you

Work From Home

If this is an option, take it. I have been working from home for a number of years. My work as a Website Consultant and Designer building websites is done online. Online interaction is one-on-one with discussions and instructions when necessary. This way of working is cost effective and happens in real time. You get to see how your website comes together and how it works.

The New Normal

Change is inevitable. If things don’t change we’d still be living in the Dark Ages or as they did in antiquity. Thank goodness we aren’t. What doesn’t change is our social interaction. In this time with the Coronavirus we have to know it is not going to last forever. A temporary ban on social interaction won’t collapse anything. The whole situation will bring new innovation as to how we as a worldwide community have to alter some of the things we do.

Bring Back Travel Vaccinations

Eventually a vacine will be developed for this virus and it will be contained as it is a more serious virus than seasonal flu. I’m not an expert on viruses, but I know enough to realize this is a mutative virus and the body will develop immunity. Just as the Polio vaccine did and the worldwide epidemic was stopped. Some people did get the disease because the vacine wasn’t available.

Vaccines used to be enforced for travel. When you went overseas you could not board the plane without proper vaccination documentation anywhere in the world. What happened? This was relaxed some years ago it should return.

When you travel you are subject to pick up viruses and germs. When you eat you ingest bacteria. The body has a built in system to kill unhealthy bacteria. The compromised immune system comes from bad eating habits and a totally unhealthy lifestyle. We all think we are so healthy! Think again. We have tampered with the food we eat and we’re paying for it.

Contracted While Traveling

True story: I contracted small pox traveling from South Africa to the United States in 1983. This is a contagious disease. There was no vaccination requirement at that time. I was quarantined at home for a few months. The health official was my primary care physician who visited me at my home. Fortunately the fever was lowered and I did not have to transfer to hospital. 

How Did I Get Smallpox?

An airplane is a confined space. People travel when they’re not well. In my opinion, the ventilation system in an airplane is not cleaned. The inside of the airplane is, after the passengers have left the plane. Airlines have too many flights and no time to clean the ventilation system of an airplane in between flights. This is how viruses spread when people travel.

Value being able to Connect

Without the Internet we would be completely isolated, thank goodness for the web. It’s a remarkable invention. Technology has propelled us forward not backwards. Eventually life will return to what it was but we’ll have learned through this experience. Keep vigilant, in order to function you need a healthy body. Look after it well, it’s the only one you have for the duration of this lifetime. Remember a virus doesn’t know how to tell the difference between a child and an older person. Everyone is vulnerable.

We Are Connected. smile

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