This is a sample post for layout and design. It will show you what the blog post looks like when it is pulled into the blog module. This blog post is set to fullwidth, so there is no sidebar on the right side of the page. The purpose of a blog post is to inform and give out information. When you need to communicate with your audience, you don’t want to distract them with sponsored adds in the middle of the blog post. Neither do you want to iterrupt their attention span as they are reading to sign up for your newsletter.

Our world is distracted anyway. Why would you want to keep distracting the reader? Isn’t this why you wanted them to come to your blog in the first place? It is, so you should respect the visitor and let them decide if they want to sign up for your Newsletter based on the merit of what you offer. People are looking for information. If you have specific news and product information, take care not to irritate the reader with distractions.

Is Your Blog Post Advertorial or Informative?

An advertisement is selling somthing.

An advertorial has too much information in it to be informative but it attempts to persuade you to buy something. ¬†Everyone is tired of advertisements and push notifications. After a while the visitor ignores the message and remembers the unpleasant experience of too many sales emails, and one too many messages on a website. It’s time to return to the humble web log. The blog. The original means of communicating to inform, and share ideas and experiences, without selling something.