The Blog is the humble web log that started some time ago and now we write posts and call it a Blog. The last ten years or so have given us a lot of telling. Long articles proving what we need to do. Endless lists of things to do right away to have instant success. We are told how to respond, who posted something on Facebook, who tweeted what. It’s a steady stream of content flowing onto the web. Whatever your interest you can find a blog post about that subject.

Have you noticed how everything saves you so much time? Really. With all the time we have saved how come no one has any time. The same is true for money, and websites. Everything happens in record time, smoothly, so you can have a great and awesome website. All of this does nothing for us. What we need is someone to take the time to show us how it is done.

Don’t tell me, show me.

Now we can do it ourselves. The way we want to, but with one caveat, if you know how.

The purpose is to demonstrate one of the most remarkable innovations in technology, the modular system of building a website. Never has there been such a flexible theme. You can tell by the fact that everyone’s either talking about it or using it. In the near future you will also see emulations of the Divi Theme. This is because it is the leader in this field.

Gone are the days of having to build a website from the ground up.

The Divi Theme is a Premium Theme and overlays the WordPress core. Actually the two work seamlessly together. That’s the turning point. When designers and developers work together you have harmony. It blends technology which by the way is constantly on the move. Thank goodness it is, updates and bug fixes are essential. No code functions perfectly all the time.

Who is using this theme?

The Divi Theme gives the developer, the designer, and the user the opportunity to build a website. That’s right, the user. The one on the receiving end of the developer and the designer’s thoughtful work. Some feel the user is clueless and doesn’t know the first thing about websites. Well, I take exception to that view.

I’m the user. That’s me you’re talking about. Then there is the ‘obedient client’ the one who has to obey the developer/designer and the site is locked so the client cannot “mess with it.” Now that is a turnoff as far as I am concerned. After all I am the one who paid the developer or the designer for the site, and I have restricted access to my website.

The Designers and Developers of the Divi Theme don’t have that attitude. They built the Divi Theme to serve everyone who wants to use it. You don’t have to know code to use the Divi Theme. If you want a specific feature, you can copy and paste the CSS code into the module in the Advanced section, but you don’t have to.

Everything you need is already built into the module. Are you the adventurous type that wants to know how the software works so you can work it?  If you answered yes, then we’re on the same page. The mystery of website building isn’t all that complex, providing you operate within a given framework.

The designer of the Divi Theme created the theme with the end user in mind. There are hundreds of details to take care of when building a website, but if those details are already in the module, you’re in the position of just using the design settings. I can change a pixel size, or add a width to a column by filling in the percentage. There is something refreshing about being in control of the publishing platform for your business or service.

Learning the Foundation with Divi

When you know how the foundation of the website works within the Divi framework, you’ll understand the elements of all the components that go into the growth of your website. It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation or a small startup, the principle is the same. Today it is essential to know how the web works.

Even if you’re the President of a large company. Technology moves fast. If you want to keep pace you need to know and not be solely dependent on someone who knows IT.

Obviously, you can’t do everything yourself, but when you understand the components of a website and how it works, you won’t be talked into unnecessary and often expensive Plugins, that cause the site to collapse the next time WordPress core updates, or the Divi Theme updates.

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