Can You Build Your Own Theme?

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Yes! How so?

The Divi Theme Builder will come out October 17, 2019.  Something we always associated with a designer or a developer is now going to be available for us users. The long awaited Divi 4.0 is about to launch. It will change the way you think about websites. You won’t have the problems becuase you’ll have the right tools to use.

The Divi Theme was created by Elegant Themes in 2013. It has become the most used theme in the world and has been translated into thirty-two different languages because it’s so versatile and you don’t have to know how to do HTML.

Designers and Developers have been using a Child Theme method to build stylized themes. The Divi Theme Builder makes Child Themes something you don’t really need. That’s the way of technology it forges the new and gives everyone the opportunity not just the few elite. Now you can start to think about building your own unique website with your style.

Develop Means Build

Develop means build, but not in the sense of building it from the ground up and using code. WordPress core software is already coded. A WordPress Theme overlays the WordPress framework. The Divi Theme is a theme framework and this means you’re now in the position of being able to build a website.

The Web Page Structure

A web page is divided up into sections. The top part of the page is the Header, the content is in the middle, and the footer is at the bottom of the page. The web page isn’t the same as an 8″ x 11″ piece of paper. It’s as long as the content on the page.

The information inside the web page is made up of dividers, or div containers stacked on top of each other. The dividers are arranged into column widths to put content on to the page.

The header has the logo and the main nagivation menu. The footer has information such as the copyright notice and other links and information. The header and the footer appear on each page throughout the site, this is known as global or sitewide.


The Page Builder Concept

The page builder overlays the existing WordPress editor and helps you put content onto the page. As the term implies it builds the page without your having to use code. It is a method created by the developers. Not everyone likes to  use HTML.

We’re looking at the web page from the front end, the finished product. All software used on a computer is operated by code that runs in the background while the software is in use.

With the Visual Builder you see your edits on the page as you enter the content into the mdoule.

Drag and Drop Modules

The modules are self-contained. They are mini content management systems for a particular item you want to use on the web page.

This is also an invention of the developers who figured out how to use the basic icon commands and wrote the code to create the specific module with settings for content, design, and advanced styling.

The whole style of drag and drop modules has changed the way a website is built. The Global Editor allows you to save the module in a particular style throughout the website. This means you don’t have to style each module.

Styling the Content

With the new Theme Builder you can style the header and the footer, this means you don’t have to use a Child Theme for a website.


Your Website

Have you been thinking that even building a website is too much technical know how. Contact me and let’s talk.

Building a Website Before Building a Theme

Building a website isn’t done in three steps. Before you can run and build a theme you will need to learn to walk in the foundational knowledge of how a theme functions. The Divi Theme now includes builder features. These builder features are the most advanced tools that will assist you with your project no matter what level the project is at. Even if it’s still an idea inside your head, you’ll find the solution in one of the Builders built into the Divi Theme.

The Divi Builder

The Visual Builder

The Theme Builder

The Divi Builder

This is built into the Divi Theme but is also able to be used as a stand alone plugin in a WordPress website. That is one of the excellent features about using WordPress for a website, the ability to add functions to the website.

The Divi builder gives you drag and drop modules to style the content onto the page. You can use the Divi Builder plugin with any WordPress Theme. The Divi Builder is available from Elegant Themes the makers of the Divi Theme.

The Visual Builder

Built into the Divi Theme for use as an onpage visual editor where you see the content as you create it in real time. One of the most avanced technologies in website building.

A first of it’s kind. As you type the content into the module you can view the content. The Visual Builder will increase your work speed and accuracy. You edit your content as you type the content into the module. Even if you copy and paste the content you are able to read it and edit the content easily.  This way of working when writing for the web is a content creators dream.

The Theme Builder

Just recently added to the Divi Theme. It’s the leading innovation into website building. The fact that you can build a website, and a theme if you want, without needing to know code, is a technological achievement that is complimetary to our ability.

Of course there is more to building a theme than just being able to use the feature of the Theme Builder.

Going without a website isn’t a good idea. The Internet isn’t going to be eliminated. Online communication is the best way to reach an audience, grow a business, share information, and learn.

In fact, we’re so in love with the Internet most of us can’t sleep at night because we’re inside our computers finding more information. To build a website you need the foundational knowledge about how the Divi Theme works.

Foundational Knowledge

The best way to get the foundational knowledge the basics of the how it’s done is to see Divi in action. The best way to see how it works is to see it in action. When you see what is possible then you’ll be inspired to bring your idea into your website with a blog.

The links in this post to Elegant Themes are my affiliate link. I have used their services since 2012, and the Divi Theme since it was published by them in 2013. 

For a live in-person demonstration on how to start using the Divi Theme contact me.

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