Non Tech Users Build Websites

In the nest with the other chicks. Join us for the ride.

Blurb Module

Excellent for putting in just the right amount of content for what you need to say. Add a border for emphases. All this is done without needing to know how to code. smile  A simple and elegant layout shows the content to its best advantage. 

You want the content to be read. What you don’t want is content that competes with design. 

Fullwidth Header with text center aligned.

Subheading text with no colored background.

The Fullwidth header has a double line border style. Change the border color and style in the Design section of the Fullwidth Header Settings module.

How does it work?

You just have to open the module and experiment with the settings. It’s never been easier to design and style a website. This is Divi’s best kept secret, until you know how to use Divi.

Experimenting With Blurbs

Some of the odd shapes and things you’re looking at in this section are styles and settings created within the Blurb Module. No code needed. smile Just be willing to try out the setting, and adjust the color.

Content Optimization

An important element in websites. You are in control of what goes where. You decide how the flow of information works for your website. Someone else doesn’t do it, you do.

Fullwidth Header with text left aligned

Subtitle goes here
Button 1Button 2

Writing Content

As you input the content into the module you see it as you write. This is how you can figure out how much text to write for that section. 

Mapping it out

The features within the Divi theme give you predefined modules. This is a blurb module. With just a few sentences you can get your message accross.


Your Conversation

Divi changes the conversation on the web. While we don’t spend all our time on the web, we do like to interact with other people. People will enjoy visiting your website.


The Visual Experience

Divi gives you perspective. The New Visual Builder allows you to make changes directly onto the page without having to to update and then preview the page.

The First One

The first one is the hardest because you want to make it so perfect. Who says it has to be perfect? Only you do. Did you know everything is over simplified. Take smaller steps, do one page at a time.

Special effects are great, only if they enhance the purpose and help the reader find the information.

The Text Module

The content you put inside the module will naturally be important to your visitor. Think about all the problems you have when you visit a website that doesn’t work for you. Avoid those things for your website.

If you take the time you have the time. If you don’t have time, you’ll never have time.


Writing and Design

This is a call to action module

The button link goes to the contact page