WordPress Classic Editor

This is the post editor looks similar to a Word Processor. The Classic Editor will be replaced by the Gutenberg Editor. At first it might be irritating to search for something that was obvious before, but is now hidden.

There’s a large debate about this. Developers of WordPress Themes and Plugins must modify their products to accommodate the impending change.

Is it a good change? Time will tell. The user will have the final say.


How does this affect the Divi Theme?

It doesn’t, because the makers of the Divi Theme understand the frustration and so built into the modules you will find the very same icons that used to be in the Default WordPress Editor. Even the makers of WordPress realize this and there is a button called Classic Editor to open in the coming new editor. When the function of an icon does what it says it does, this makes creating content easier. If the icon is changed to something unrecognizable then we don’t find it and abandon using the software. Once you know how the system works, you’ll be surprised at how well it works. When you can concentrate on the content, and not the software, then you know the software is the right one.

This is the heading

This is a block quote. A good way to emphasize text.

All this is a lot to absorb

Your website is an extension of you and the service you offer. The ability to make it unique will set you apart from too many look-alike Themes. Your website should be scalable, able to grow with your needs. For this you need a flexible framework. This a WordPress website built with the Divi Framework. The one size fits all website doesn’t work, you now have the ability to create the website you want, or you can have someone build it for you.

The truth about websites

Nothing is easy when you first start to learn how to use the software. Let’s break the myth of easy steps and in a matter of minutes you are up and running. There are many details to take care of just on the web page. It helps to have someone show you the details. This is how I first started using WordPress. I knew nothing about the software, websites, and how they worked. I did not know (and still don’t know) how to use code.

The reason why I use WordPress is because I don’t have to use code at all. The code I need is already built into the Divi Modules, and WordPress core code runs in the background.  All I have to do is select the module, put in the content, and adjust the style or the settings.

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