Divi and WordPress

Divi and WordPress

The match between Divi and WordPress is a good from start to finish. No matter what you read about the “end of WordPress,” or the “end of Page Builders and Themes,” it isn’t for real.

Here are some facts:

  • WordPress is the most used website software worldwide
  • 30% of the websites on the web are powered by WordPress
  • WordPress is the most flexible software to build an online platform
  • The Divi Theme is used by Developers and Designers
  • The Divi Theme has been translated into thirty-two different languages
  • It is used all over the world
  • You don’t have to know how to use code to build a website with the Divi Theme

There will always be those who want to take down the person who is sucessful. It is a favorite passtime among some competitors to consistently bash the best. The Divi Theme is the developer and the designer’s best kept secret. This is the Theme they use because it compliments their knowledge.

WordPress is open source

Open source means developers from all over the world contribute to the core code. WordPress is the framework upon which a Theme is built. The fact that expertise is garnered from the best developers is a testament to the collaboration of WordPress. The end result is WordPress has created the space for everyone to benefit.

Developers, designers, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, schools, individuals, use WordPress. With this philosophy, WordPress isn’t about to collapse or put anyone out of business because it makes changes and improvements to it’s existing framework.

Divi is a Premium WordPress Theme

The features inside the Divi Theme give you the opportunity to work within a framework that suits your technical knowledge. At first you might think you cannot build a website because Divi is too advanced. There are predesigned layouts in the Divi Library. A new layout is added each week.

With Divi, you never have to look at a blank page.

Conceptualizing the layout of content onto a web page is much easier if you have the elements of the page widths and measurements visible. As you work with the premade layouts with the modules you become familiar with how a webpage works. The page is divied up into dividers, this is how the Divi theme got its name.

Column Layout

This is what the layout of a page looks like using the built in Divi Builder. The blocks assigned are predefined and fit exactly to the width of the page.

You have a selection of columns. After choosing the layout you select a module to place into the layout.

Select a Module

This is the selection of modules available to use. For every function there is a module to match.

The design team that created Divi wanted to make the experience of building a website pleasureable. Not only for the developer and the designer, but for us, the user.

The design team at Elegant Themes were so successful, the Divi Theme is now the #1 used theme in the world. Since it came out in 2013, I have had no need for any other theme. Some have said when you use Divi you’re stuck with it. Not so. I’ve never been “stuck.”

Once you learn the basics there is no limit, you can take your website where you want, and concentrate on your business, and enjoy the experience of owning a website. To have more visibility and take advantage of doing business online you would need a marketing and promotion strategy.

Today’s web is a network of connections. Knowing how to connect isn’t obvious. To get help with this next step connect with¬†Scott Winterroth. I had the good fortune to meet him at a WordPress Meetup four years ago. Ever since that meeting the conversation hasn’t stopped. He is an excellent resource for digital marketing strategy for your online business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WordPress and the Divi Theme work to build a website, join me in an online bootcamp. I show you how it’s done step-by-step. No code or advanced knowledge needed.