Write directly onto a web page in real time?

See your words flow onto the page as you type them into the module? Style the module with a different color and shape? You see it as you style it.

Unheard of. Impossible… until now. Enter the Visual Builder experience built into the Divi Theme.

The Buit-in Divi Visual Builder

Writing is a chore and not everyone likes to do it. But today you need to write and create content regularly. We’re doing it all the time, in emails, texts, tweets, commenting on blog posts, on social media, but we still need to create content for the website and the blog. In some cases you’re able to hire a freelance Copywriter to do the writing for you, but this can get expensive, and you can do it yourself. A common complaint about writing content is; there’s no time to write the list of topics you’re going to write.

Technology to the rescue, you now have a tool to help you write in real time directly onto the web page. Remember that blog post or landing page idea you had for your website? The content is still languishing in the document where you created it… if only you could remember where you created the document. What happened to the goal you made; to write and publish more posts?

The Blog Post Publishing Solution

Use the built-in Visual Builder that comes with the Divi Theme. The Visual Builder is an on-page visual editor where you type into the specific module and see your edits alongside the module as you enter the content.

Traditionally you would write the content in a separate document and then copy and paste it onto the web page or blog post. After you copy and paste the content you have to format headings and subheadings. You may want to use an image, but you have this long block of text to deal with. Where do you add the image? Using the Visual Builder you can access the page layout. Seeing the visual element of the page layout guides the content.

The content is shaped by the amount of space available in context to an image or column width. This helps the writing to be precise and on point. Not only is it clear where you want to put the content, but it’s clear how you want to arrange the content.

A Different Experience

Writing content directly onto the page and editing as you write, is an entirely different experience.  You can immediately tell if the content is relevant and on point. Instead of writing and returning to edit, you edit as you write. This method is efficient, it not only saves time, but it will improve your writing, and help you formulate the sentence structure.

Everyone has a different way of writing and there’s no right way to write.

Creating content regularly is necessary. The content is the ‘voice’ of the business. People are searching for information about what you do. If your website doesn’t have an active blog with current information, people will move onto the blog that does have current and upcoming information.

Engaging Content

Create engaging content is something you think about.

But how do you do this in real time? Using images combined with content is attractive to the reader.

Images engage attention immediately, even before text is read.

Some people will scroll up and down the page reading only the headings and subheadings and then look at the pictures before they read the informaton in the article.


The image also needs to be on subject otherwise the viewer’s attention is absorbed into the image. Their minds are off vacationing by the water with the scenic picture of a waterfront.

Connecting With The Content

When you write content using the Divi Visual Builder, you’re not only connecting with your audience, but you’re connecting with the content itself.  Even if you don’t like to write, you’ll find you will read the text you just wrote and writing content will take on a new form. It will actually inspire you and before you realize it you’re creating content instead of talking about it.

If you’re a writer, you’ll be delighted with the Visual Builder. All writers enjoy writing. No one says they are a writer and doesn’t like writing.

When you write and read your own writing, you’re looking into a mirror. This is reflected through the content and because you connect with the content you’re writing you’ll reach the intended audience.

Since using the Visual Builder my content creation has increased one hundred percent. I can press the publish button the same day as the post is written. I’ll return to the just published post the next day to refine the content.

I have completely departed from writing the blog post out in a word document and then copying and pasting it into the blog post. My blog posts don’t wait long to be written.

The Divi Difference – Using the Visual Builder

The Divi Builder

One of the major disappointments with WordPress was the difficulty to put content into the page or blog post. It requried knowing short codes and some HTML.

The Developers of WordPress Themes built a Page Builder specifically to help you add content to the page or post without needing code. If it hadn’t been for the Page Builder, WordPress might not have become such a widely used software for a website. 

The Divi Visual Builder

Adding content to the page and seeing the edits as you add them is an advanced innovation of technology.

This could be the end of long meetings and discussions over wireframe drawings of the website layout that don’t match the content. It’s always been a problem for content creators and designers. No one quite knows what to do with the text and how to arrange it on the page or blog post.

Divi Visual Builder

The Divi Theme Builder

The value in building your own theme is priceless. No other website will have the same style.

Design and Content Creation Teams can now work together and build a complete website with an active blog. The image shows the Theme Building area where you start to build the theme and add templates.

To use the Divi Theme Builder it’s necessary to have foundational knowledge of the basic elements.

You can learn more about Divi here.

Divi Theme Builder

Your Theme

Now it’s possible. You can create a specific design from scratch. Even if you don’t know how to use code. It’s not necessary. Of course this isn’t recommended if you have not ever used the Divi Framework. After you have used the Divi Framework and understand how Divi works you will be able to build your own theme.

This is the future and it gives the user a new role. You don’t have to be asking someone to change something in your website. You can change it yourself.

The Visual Builder has forever changed the way a website is created.

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