The Blog Content Layout Matters

Writing regular blog posts can become a routine. The blog post content doesn’t resonate with the reader and they don’t stay long enough to read the entire post. Why? There’s nothing wrong with the content of the post but it’s just not positioned so it is read. When you look at content on a page in a website you don’t want to get lost in a sea of words. You don’t want distractions. You just want to read the information because that’s why you’re there in the first place. 

Today WordPress is the most used content management system for a website worldwide. WordPress began as a blogging platform and then became a full fledged website with excellent features for a website. WordPress is open source and developers contribute to the code and improve the software. So when you use WordPress you’re using an updated version. But inspite of all the development there is a limitation with WordPress.

The way you put content into the blog post was restricting. You could only have a two column layout. If you wanted to add images and videos you had to sometimes use a short code. Or the image positining was only inline or left or right aligned with the text. Then the text would sometimes break up and you had to abandon the image because it wouldn’t work.

What I used to do was write the post in a word document and then copy and paste the cotnent but the post looked like a sea of words. The featured image was the only image.

The Breakout

Developers who write the HTML code that drives the website came up with a solution. They built a Page Builder plugin. As it’s name implies you can put content into the page or blog post more easily and without restrictions.

The Divi Theme developers took the Page Builder and built it into the Theme. They created a column layout with a choice of columns. The option to choose a different column layout on a blog page changed the blog post from the standard WordPress two column post style. 

Picture Gallery

This is a Blurb Module with a styled icon. You can emphasize content. Put a link to another article or event.


Blog Articles

A blog post should contain interesting information. This is how you keep your reader engaged.



The changing world of technology will require a lot of note taking. Here are the recent notes from the update.


Blogging is essential to growing your business and increasing visibility online. 

New ideas coming soon

This Blog Post is Out of the Box

With the  Visual Builder you build the content in real time and see your edits as you type. This is a relatively new introduction, but it feels like it’s always been there. Some don’t like to use the Visual Builder and still edit the post without seeing the content. Everyone works differently, there’s no right way.

The question is: are you creating the content to generate the interest?

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