GDPR and Your Website

by Apr 29, 2018Divi

The European Union General Data Protection Act is in effect May 25, 2018. The Information provided is a courtesy and is not legal advice.

websites must be in compliance

The user now has complete control over their data and has a say in how it may be used.

As a website owner you must explain to the user why you need the data, and what it is for. The user has to agree that you can use their data for the purpose you describe.

There are plugins and software that track people’s movement on a website. You will have to disclose the method you use to collect data.

The fact that software can document the use of a website by a visitor is unsettling for the visitor. This does not promote trust and people are more likely not to do business with companies that disclose information about their activity on a website.


Official Support of GDPR


Automatic is the owner of WordPress used by 30% of websites worldwide. WordPress will add features necessary to comply with the GDPR regulations.

The law reqires site owners to be transparent and explain how a business collects, stores, or processes personal data of residents in the European Union.


When you sign up for only limited information is needed to set up an account. Only your email and username is needed.

You have control of your content. The privacy settings give you choices to make your site public, private or hidden from search engines.

Personal Information

Details: email addresses, names IP addresses are considered personal data. Depending on the service you provide you must disclose how this information is used.

Use of Information

The website must disclose how the information is used, allowing the user to take into consideration whether to use that service or not.

Third Party Selling

When your information is shared, a website can share or sell it to third-party services. A user has a right to know what happens to their information.

GDPR Legal Obligation

With the passing of this law a website owner has a legal obligation to comply. This law is not yet effective in the US, but similar legislation might be passed soon.
Information Resources

Elegant Themes provides more detailed information.

WordPress outlines Automattic’s compliance with GDPR.

Official GDPR Information.

Wikipedia General Data Protection

Your Privacy

Take it Seriously

Anyone who uses the Internet, and that’s everyone, has a right to private information treated with respect.

It is not acceptable to just want to profit from someone’s use of a website or a sign up for a service.

The Web is now complex

The web is an information space, where we come together and share information. This information is susceptible and there have been too many personal data breaches.

Security and Confidence

We use the web everyday. As we do we are being tracked and documented. Even though there is a general data protection act, we have seen the violation of privacy continue.

The web is under threat

“if we spend a certain amount of time using the intenet we have to spend a litle proportion of that time defending it, worrying about it, loking out for it… Do me a favor, fight for it for me.” Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The Case for the Web Report.

Every Action You Take

It is time to revise how we interact on the Internet. Read carefully the Privacy and Terms of Service. Just exactly what does this company do with your information?

The Divi Theme is GDPR compliant.

Never Take The Web For Granted

It’s time for regulation and standards to be implemented. The use of the Internet is a right, and this right shouldn’t be violated by anyone. A Contract for the Web outlines the rights and responsibilities for all who use the web.

Sample Contact Form

With optional opt-in buttons

Please indicate your consent:


Information you provide is confidential and is only used to contact you.

You must reveal tracking methods used. Articulate the method in the privacy page. Inform the user how you use their information.

General Data Protection 

The implimentation of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) is not yet in effect in the United States. It is only a matter of time before it will be. There is a definite threat to the web, and if we want it to continue then it is necessary to implement standards. The GDPR is a step forward. The World Wide Web was given to us by a man with an idea to connect information systems to promote knowledge, bring people together, and make knowledge freely available.

Everyone who uses the web can protect the open web as a basic right. No one should be denied access and neither should anyone have their privacy violated.

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