This is a text module placed within a single column, fullwidth setting.

The Fullwidth Header Section above creates a larger picture.

Keep the design clean and the content readable.

What do you want your visitor to know about your recent successful Projects?


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This row has the fullwidth setting enabled. The row expands the columns across the web page.

The Specialty Section is used for this layout. On the right is the Portfolio Module used to pull in four projects in a specific category.

This is a good way to promote recent Projects and tell people about what you have been involved in.




Below the four Projects are three Testimonials with a gradient background  in the row and a border style in the section.

The colors used are softer to emphasize the content of the testimonial. With all the advanced features of design in the Divi Theme, you have to seek the simple design.

This is easy to say but not so easy to do. But, it is not impossible to learn how to use the dividers. The different styles of the dividers create attractive visuals, providing they are not distracting and emphasize the content. 

The testimonial on  website must be an authentic one. You don’t want to make up a testimonial. If your work is good and the client is satisfied they will be only too glad to give you a testimonial.
Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

This is another testimonial. It can also be short and only one or two sentences.
Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

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Author Name

Job Title, Company Name