Fullwidth Row Setting

Fullwidth Row Setting


This is a text module placed within a single column, fullwidth setting.

The Fullwidth Header Section above creates a larger picture.

Keep the design clean and the content readable.

What do you want your visitor to know about your recent successful Projects?


Full Width

This row has the fullwidth setting enabled. The row expands the columns across the web page.

The Specialty Section is used for this layout. On the right is the Portfolio Module used to pull in four projects in a specific category.

This is a good way to promote recent Projects and tell people about what you have been involved in.




Below the four Projects are three Testimonials with a gradient background  in the row and a border style in the section.

The colors used are softer to emphasize the content of the testimonial. With all the advanced features of design in the Divi Theme, you have to seek the simple design.

This is easy to say but not so easy to do. But, it is not impossible to learn how to use the dividers. The different styles of the dividers create attractive visuals, providing they are not distracting and emphasize the content. 

The testimonial on  website must be an authentic one. You don’t want to make up a testimonial. If your work is good and the client is satisfied they will be only too glad to give you a testimonial.
Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

This is another testimonial. It can also be short and only one or two sentences.
Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce suscipit faucibus dui non dignissim. Integer mi tellus, dictum scelerisque venenatis eu, iaculis laoreet eros. Segut long, eu, iaculis, laoreet eros.
Author Name

Job Title, Company Name

Divi Image Background

Divi Image Background

Image Background for Section

This picture is placed in the background section of the module. The text you see here is within a text module in this particular section. Sometimes you just have to fiddle around with the picture.  On the right is the same image in an image module.

Text Module Colored Background

The features built into the Divi Framework or the Divi Theme gives the user the ability to modify the text on the page directly into the module. Initially, there is a learning curve with the Divi Theme.

It is a matter of someone showing you how. A welcome departure from all the things to do in a never ending list.

Right Aligned Text

The layout of text with an image needs simplicity rather than decorated. The viewer should not be obstructed while reading the content. Moving objects are distracting and cause eye fatige. Popup notices are equally distracting and eventually the visitor leaves the website because there is too much going on. How can you expect someone to know what you do five seconds into being on a website and then signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

Specific Feature

Divi has premade layouts to get you started. The layouts will give you ideas. As you work with the modules you will find it is easy to figure out where to put the content on the page. The most important element on a webpage is the presentation of the content.

You now have the power of knowledge.

Product Feature

Divi has premade layouts to get you started. The layouts will give you ideas. As you work with the modules you’ll find you know exactly where you want to put something. If it doesn’t work, you change the image or the column width.

You now have the power of knowledge.

Divi Different Layouts

Divi Different Layouts

Divi Different Layouts

The Page Builder

An advanced premade layout system of modules. You select the module and put the content onto the page within the module. No code needed!

Key Elements

The Divi builder has 32modules. You arrange the modules without using code. This puts you in control of your website. Now that’s different!

Target Audience

Divi is 100% responsive. Everyone uses the mobile view. No matter which screen your website is veiwed it’s always visible on the mobile screen.


The Divi Theme has been translated into 32 different languages. That tells you something. Divi will be around for a long time.

Column Layouts

The Divi Builder has built in layouts for the webpage. The beauty about using this to build a webpage is selecting the layout and then using the modules within the Divi Builder.

The modules are the placeholders for an image or text.

The next challenge is to arrange the modules on the webpage with the content. It’s also the fun part, you don’t have to be a designer or a developer to have a great website. You just have to be adventurous and use the modules within the Divi Theme.

All The Right Things

Pictures create an effect. Use the settings, upload a picture and change the subject.

Fully Responsive Layouts

A website needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. The Divi Theme is 100% responsive.

Product Feature

The content is now your main focus. Divi let’s you conceptualize images and text. Other options are avaiailable. Fullwidth, halfwidth, and alternative image and text layout with a call to action button. Every module has a function within the site. All you have to do is use the module to find out what it does. The predefined layout helps, and this allows you to be creative.

Call To Action Text Goes here

The simplicity of a solid background can emphasize text well.