Projects Portfolio Module

Sample layouts

Project Layout with Right Column

Using the Speciality Layout to place Projects on the side of the text.

Projects are displayed in the Portfolio Module if you want to showcase some specific Projects.

There are Three Projects shown in the right column. You select the number of projects, the category, and the elements of what you would like to be visible. In this example only the title text is displayed and it is set to a specific size using H4 for the heading to emphasize the title.


Relevant information goes here. Notice the design on the left side, this is achieved by adding a curved border. It is the refined details you can put into the content on the page, just by knowing which setting to use.

We are fortunate to have such a sophisticated tool to use. I never get tired of saying it, the Divi Theme puts you in control. Even if you think you can’t design, you can follow the designer’s lead when you use Divi.

It is a handy way of putting in information into a module that prompts an interesting title for Tab Two.

The ability to style the content with your own individuality is different. Otherwise the design can look just like every other design. The Divi Theme will bring out your unique style. This is how you make your website stand out from the crowd.

Filterable Portfolio Module

The Filterable Portfolio will show the number of Projects selected. In this example you will see the most recent projects displayed in the All section.

A Project is a Post but is not a Blog Post. But they are similar in that the most recent one appears on the top of the list. You can revert the order if you wish but this is complex.

The point of this is to display the most recent Projects, as you would do in a Portfolio.

The Layouts category displays four projects with title text only.

The Projects will show all the Projects based on your selection. In this example the Categories, Layouts and Teaching Divi have been selected.