After the upgrade of the WordPress core editor known as Gutenberg you still need to wrtie a blog post, or two. At the same time as the WordPress core update the Divi Theme came out with a better way to blog using the already built in modules that work in conjunction with the new configuration of the WordPress Editor. The experience of writing a blog post shouldn’t be complicated, but it is if you don’t know how to use the software.

This is where technology can become irritating because it’s another system to learn when the one you were using worked just fine. Nothing should obstruct you when you want to write a blog post. But we’re directly in the middle of the storm of change, and the new system is obstructive. Unless, you are using the Divi Theme. The new Divi Builder experience has the solution. You can write the content into the post directly on the front end.

The Divi Builder Features

The built in Page Builder is an extension that gives you the ability to use arrange the content on the blog post so that the content will actually be read. Apart from the interest in the information, there has to be a visual attractiveness that doesn’t cause eye fatigue. The constant adjustment to the different screen sizes we look at causes the eye muscles to work more than they are used to working.

Selecting the Content Layout

When you insert a row within a section you have quite a few configurations to choose from. The columns have preset measurements.

After choosing the column layout your next step will be to decide which module to use to put the content onto the page.

Choose a Module

Now the choice is which module to add. The choice of modules is extensive. In this section I want the effect of alternating text and an image. Select the image module and then choose an image from the Media Library, or upload one from your computer.

All the while I’m building the content on the front end of the blog post. The whole experience is pleasant and cuts down on the time it takes. Now I can concentrate on the content.



Using the Front End

Now you can concentrate on what content you’re going to put into the blog post. Keep the subject focused on the information you’re writing about and not on distractions, advertising an event, or a popup message. Remember, the reader wants the information not interruptions.

All software has a learning curve, no matter how easy the advertising copy tries to convince you. As you work with the Front End Builder experience, you become familiar with where the settings are for each module. They follow a definite pattern and are color coded.


Using the Back End

This is where you set the blog page layout; assign a category, add tags, enable comments, set the featured image, put in the meta text, and the seo_title setting.

Working on the back you’re using the Divi Builder, and on the front end you’re using the Visual Builder. Don’t worry, it’s the same Builder and is built into the Divi Theme.

My preference is to work with the Visual Builder on the front end after I have set all the features of the blog post page.

The Purpose of the Blog Post

The Internet is a place to share and exchange information and connect with people you wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity to meet in person. A blog post is similar to a magazine article and is a vital part of a website.

When you write a blog post regularly you create fresh content. Think about the times you want to find out information and you go to the search engine of choice and type in what you’re looking for. What comes up in the search engine results is more questions that go deeper into your original question. Eventually you find a link that takes you directly to, a blog post. This is the way we find information. After reading the blog post there might be another relevant post with more information.

The blog post doesn’t have to be lengthy but it must be substantive in that it gives information. The information in this blog post, for example, is about the new experience of writing a blog post not into a Word Processing document but directly into the post. Instead of copying and pasting you’re writing it in real time. And, this saves you time. You create the post and then come to refine it a day or two later.

When you write a blog post regularly you will find the content of the blog post will flow. You’re looking at what you just wrote and you edit the content as you read it. This is a better way to blog.

People search for information

What’s the best product? Is there a review about something I want to use? How can I find the right information. Whose telling me the truth? Is it sales babble or is it factual?

All these things are running through our heads when we want to know something. Your blog post needs to do its job. Answer questions, and offer solutions, based on your particular kind of business or service.

The blog post needs to be responsive so it is read on a smartphone or tablet. Yes, people do read blog posts on their smartphones, especially if they’re subscribed to the blog and there’s an update or a new feature.

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