Yes, you can do it yourself

The way the WordPress website software industry is going today, puts you in the best position to “get it.” A website is something you need. It’s not a matter of how, but more of when is the website going to be ready for use. There is no denying the learning curve with WordPress no matter what Theme is used. The only way to try out something is to use it. At first glance it looks simple, but there’s more to the elegant layout. There is a learning curve, but then we know that.

The way I learned was the hard way. I jumped in and created a flat Homepage with no visual quality at all. I just couldn’t do what I wanted, not because I couldn’t, but because I did not know how. I would look at gorgeous websites and want mine to look as good. No way, this wasn’t possible, until I found the Divi Theme. But at first I still created what I call “flat” pages. I couldn’t get the page to look like the beautiful themes I was looking at. Of course I couldn’t do it, I know nothing about how it’s done. Fortunately for me, the makers of the Divi Theme created video tutorials.

As I followed the video tutorials this taught me how the Divi Theme works. After a while I was creating pages that didn’t look flat, but had some context. The other thing that I started to learn was to follow the designer’s lead. There were now layout packs available in the Divi library with pre designed layouts. These layouts were a lot more advanced than my just above flat, some context pages.

You learn by doing

The whole process was possible without having to know how to code. I found the Divi Theme helped stimulate ideas and I was never at a loss to figure out how to put the content onto the page or blog post.

The design compliments the content. You want the content to be read. A pretty design is pretty, and you’re too focused on the shapes and colors, and in some cases, moving distractions, you don’t even remember reading the content. You remember the distractions and the design.

Divi News

It’s hard to imagine how something already good is improved regularly. A recent update to Divi is an editing tool icon when using the Visual Builder. Click on the edit tool and the exact setting pops up in the settings module. Now that’s news! With Divi there’s always good news.

Do It Yourself - but not alone

On my journey with Divi there was always someone to show me how.

I no longer write a blog post in a separate document and then copy and paste into the blog post and press the publish button. There is a better way to present content and communicate information. The content on the web page or blog post is a single page with some links in the article leading to more information

The above buttons Help! and How? lead to another page with more information about the Divi Theme. The exercise you go through when composing content into the world’s best content management system, WordPress, is similar to strategic thinking. You’re organizing information to communicate with your reader. You don’t know who the reader is. You might have created a persona, or an avatar, but this can be a guessing game.

The person reading the content is a human being with a brain with existing knowledge.

Even if someone knows nothing about the subject initially, they are able to absorb and assimilate information. We shouldn’t presume others don’t know. After all we read information all the time, and accummulate it.

Once you know how to use the modules built into the Divi Builder you’ll be organizing your content exactly the way you want it. After you’ve learned how to use the Divi Theme you’ll find you can do it yourself. The Divi Theme changed everything. The website building experience is now a pleasure, you can concentrate on your business and not on getting frustrated trying to get complex technology to work.

Why no comment section?

There isn’t one for a reason. These days there are too many spam bots coming around to the blog post and making incoherent comments that need to be deleted. If I want comments for this blog post, I can use the Comment Module available inside the Divi Builder and adjust the Discussion Settings in WordPress to show the comment block.

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